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Company Registration

Registering your company enhances the authenticity of your business. It also attracts more clients and protects you from financial risks and losses. By doing business registration, you can increase your company’s potential to expand and make greater contributions in terms of capital. So, if you wish to attract reliable investors and procure bank credits to protect the assets of your company, you must perform business registration.

GST Registration

In this age of GST, any company with a turnover exceeding Rs 20 lakhs must register under Goods and Services Tax (GST). The registration process is known as GST registration. For certain businesses, it is mandatory to perform GST registration. There may be heavy penalties if it carries on with its business without doing it.

Food (Fssai) Licence

Every business engaged in operations related to food must get themselves an FSSAI license in order to legally operate in India. The FSSAI Registration guidelines lay down the standards for the operations so that wholesome and safe food fit for human consumption is always available. This gives you a legal advantage and helps you enhance your brand worth, thus winning the trust of your customer.

Shop & Establishment/Trade Licence

If you are planning to start your own business you need to obtain a trade license from the local municipality office or other issuing bodies, depending on the state. This license permits you to do business in a particular area. As an employer, you must file together a statement paired with the registration fee and submit it to the authorities within 30 days from the commencement of business operations.

Labour Licence

As per Indian laws, any contractor employing 20 or more workers on any particular day of the month must obtain a license known as the Labour license. The certificate of registration should contain the organization’s name and address, type of business they engage in, the maximum number of workers employed, and other details.

NGO Registration

If you wish to establish a non-governmental organization working for the betterment of society, then you must register as an NGO to operate legally. When you perform NGO registration as a Section 8 company, you get tax exemptions, as well as an independent status. This allows it to hold properties and assets to its name. It also offers limited liability to the members, so that contributing the capital remains their only responsibility.

Digital Signature ISO, Trademark

Completing the ISO registration for your company helps you obtain government tenders and build your company’s international credibility. It also helps you enhance business efficiency, marketability and product quality. On the other hand, a Trademark and Copyright Registration gives you exclusive rights and protects your brand and logo against infringement.

EPF, ESI, MSME, UAN Registration

The government of India has various schemes in place that allows you to get easy access to credit and access bank loans at lower rates. EPF, ESI, MSME, and UAN Registration also gives you capital investment subsidies and tender preferences. You get legal liability against accidents occurring inside out outside the workplace.

Accountant at your Shop/Office

Every business needs to take care of its accounting operations. But it is not a simple task and sometimes can be very time-consuming. If you wish to focus on your business functionalities in order to generate more revenue, you can always outsource your accounting service.

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